Proper nutrition is not the only thing needed for building muscles or for bodybuilding. Exercise is also very important for bodybuilding, but most of the times, regardless of how hard people train themselves; they are not able to make any progress. This is because they lack the nutrients that actually help in achieving better bodybuilding results. It is only because of this reason that people start taking bodybuilding supplements.

Bodybuilding supplements are one of the most wonderful methods of adding valuable nutrients that can help individuals in building muscles, training harder and recovering faster. These products help in boosting results and in pushing the limits of people, allowing them to make good progress in their training. Despite the fact that the body of every individual is exclusive and reacts differently to different supplements, there are some popular bodybuilding supplements needed commonly by every bodybuilder. We will have a look at them below:

Whey Protein

This is a milk protein that gets digested very easily and quickly. It delivers amino acids to the skeletal muscle and serves as the foundation for muscle gain. Whey protein is one of the most common and the most popular bodybuilding supplements exerting strong anabolic effects on the muscles of the body. It is only because of its anabolic effects that whey protein is used in the form of a post-workout and pre-workout meal for improving muscle recovery and restoration and protein synthesis. Whether you are looking to build lean body mass or lose body fat, whey protein is one popular bodybuilding supplement that you must add to your daily routine. It can speed up both the procedures.


This is another popular bodybuilding supplement used by bodybuilders. Creatine occurs naturally and promotes increased muscle cell volume, post-workout recovery, increased muscle performance and lean body mass. Creatine is naturally produced in kidneys, liver and pancreas and is also found around the skeletal muscle tissue where it gets transformed into creatine phosphate producing the energy molecule called ATP. Creatine helps in increasing strength and energy making way for better performance and harder workout sessions. It causes the muscles to get stronger and bigger.


This is one popular bodybuilding supplement used for speedy work out recovery. It is one of the must-have bodybuilding supplements for serious bodybuilders. Glutamine helps in slowing down the breakdown of the muscle tissue during intense exercises. This improves strength and elevates endurance. Glutamine used in the form of a bodybuilding supplement helps the bodybuilders in lifting heavy weights for a very long time and in training harder. This helps bodybuilders in gaining good lean muscles.


It is an amino-acid that occurs naturally in the human body. However, the ones who are deficient in beta-alanine should take beta-alanine supplements for maintaining increased levels of Carnosine and for delaying the accumulation of hydrogen. Beta-alanine supplements also help in elevating endurance, eliminating fatigue and improving force output.

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