Post workout supplements generally contain a blend of amino acids serving as the building blocks of muscles along with other ingredients for assisting in recovery, rehydration of the body and replacement of nutrients lost while exercising. The top 10 post workout supplements currently trending in the fitness industry include:

Cellucor Alpha Amino

This is a highly effective and the most popular post-workout drink mix specifically designed for giving the muscles the amino acids that they crave for full recovery. This supplement from Cellucor-the world leader in formulating fitness products, also offers electrolytes along with other ingredients for improving hydration. Cellucor Alpha Amino is one of the best supplements that can be used for restoring the fluid levels of the body. It is the perfect addition to an individual’s supplement regimen.

Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiN.O. Energy

AmiN.O. Energy is an effective and a powerful post-workout supplement that combines strong amino acids with green tea extract, beta-alanine and more for making an excellent recovery shake that people can have after their workout sessions. This supplement can also be used during workout for providing extra energy to the body. The product comes from one of the most reputable brands in the fitness industry called Optimum Nutrition. The company has been successful in winning innumerable awards for producing innovative and quality products. This product from Optimum Nutrition gives everything needed for recovering the body post workout.  

Universal Nutrition Torrent

This is yet another complete and powerful post-workout supplement that combines the power of amino acids with whey protein, advanced creatines and more for providing the perfect blend of post-workout nutrition required by the body. Universal Nutrition Torrent also helps in maximizing the results of the efforts that an individual pits into exercising. Universal Nutrition is the company behind Torrent. This is a huge sports nutrition companies that offers a wide variety of health and fitness supplements coming only from professionals. Universal Nutrition Torrent is the greatest post-workout supplement providing everything that the body requires for recovering. It is an easy and affordable package.

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition ALLDAYYOUMAY

This recovery supplement coined by Rich Piana, the owner of 5% Nutrition, combines BCAAs with carnitine, coconut water, vitamins, concentrate and beta-alanine. This product offers all the major tools needed for an optimized and efficient post-workout recovery. This product comes from a company that works with the objective of providing its customers with the best supplements needed for supporting a healthy lifestyle. The company is 5% Nutrition.

Scivation Xtend Endurance

This supplement has been specifically designed by Scivation to be used post-workout for helping the body to recover at a very fast pace. The product contains recovery ingredients and BCAAs along with fast and slow releasing carbohydrates for extended endurance while training. Scivation is a small supplement company but it is growing at a very rapid pace offering some of the best products in the industry for sports nutrition. One of the best things about Scivation Xtend Endurance is that it is available within an affordable range working as a complete solution for your post-workout nutritional requirements.

BPI Sports Best BCAA

This is a recovery/BCAA supplement that has been intricately designed for improving post-workout recovery of its users. The product also helps in increasing vasodilatation and fat loss. BPI Sports Best BCAA is the best BCAA that makes use of an exclusive bonding procedure combining three BCAAs together resulting in more complete utilization and absorption of the important amino acids. BPI Sports has made this perfect supplement. The company is rapidly growing in the form of a fitness supplement manufacturer. One thing that you should note about using BPI Sports Best BCAA is that you will have to use it in combination with other products for getting impressive results.

MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2

BCAA 3:1:2 from MusclePharm is a very powerful BCAA supplement. It is a very simple product that offers one of the easiest ways of getting a heavy dose of branched chain amino acids that the body craves for post exercising. MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2 comes in the form of a capsule making it quite convenient for athletes and other individuals to add it to their very-growing range of supplement shakes and drinks. MusclePharm- the maker of this supplement is one of the largest firms in the industry for sports nutrition. MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2 is one of the best products for individuals in the look out of a clean and simple method of increasing daily consumption of BCAA.


BSN AMINO X is yet another powerful instantized post-workout recovery supplement. It is the very first instantized effervescent amino acid supplement that takes your post-workout nutrition to a completely new level. It is basically a powdered supplement that mixes instantly offering 10 g serving of micronized amino acids. The instant formula of this product makes it very easy to be prepared and taken by the users.    

MHP Dark Matter

Dark Matter by MHP or Maximum Human Performance- a company that has dedicated itself to setting new standards of fitness throughout the industry through innovation and science, has been formulated for stimulating glycogen replacement and protein synthesis within the body and that too within a very short span of time. This product helps the body in entering the recovery mode immediately. The main ingredients of this supplement include creatine and amino acids.

EVL Nutrition RE-BLD

EVL Nutrition RE-BLD is an all new post-workout supplement that combines glutamine, BCAAs and creatine. This product offers complete solution to the post-workout nutritional requirements of the body offering an easy alternative to having supplements at once. It comes from EVL Nutrition- a very new company trying to make its name in the industry for sports supplements. EVL Nutrition RE-BLD is a very strong option for the ones who are in the look out of a comprehensive post-workout supplement.


The post-workout supplements mentioned above are designed to be absorbed and even digested by the body very quickly.

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